Going Green

Energy-Efficient Pool Pumps & Equipment Fort Worth, Benbrook & Aledo

We have the knowledge and expertise it takes to get your pool running as efficiently as possible, and in most cases we can estimate your monthly savings over the phone. If you are looking to save some money on your monthly energy bill, reach out to one of our representatives to set up a consultation.

Did you know?

You can save up to 75% of your pool energy bill by upgrading to newer, more efficient pool equipment.

Dual/Variable-Speed Pumps

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Dual-speed pumps have a high speed for tasks such as backwashing and vacuuming, and a low speed for routine filtering. Most pools are in routine filtering mode 99% of the time, so there’s no need for a pump that constantly runs in high-speed.

Variable-speed pumps carry an onboard computer system that senses the flow rates being demanded by the pool, and automatically adjusts itself to run as efficiently as possible. When two-speed and variable-speed pumps are running in low speed mode, they consume about the same amount of energy as a 60-watt light bulb

Saltwater Systems

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Saltwater systems utilize water softening technology to provide wonderfully smooth, and gentle-on-the-skin water for swimming. Say goodbye to red, irritated eyes, itchy skin, green hair, faded swimsuits, and expensive buckets of chlorine. Start by installing the saltwater system. Then dissolve low levels of ordinary table salt into the pool. Chlorine is generated automatically and naturally by the saltwater system, and then distributed into the pool. Once the chlorine’s purification work is done, it automatically converts back to salt, to be used over and over again. Saltwater systems are a safe, economical and environmentally-friendly way of purifying your pool and spa. Imagine having all the benefits of soft, luxurious swimming pool water without the high cost of chlorine. Stewart Swimming Pool Management can make it a reality! Call 817-386-POOL (7665) to order your system today!

Efficient Plumbing

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Did you know that your plumbing can affect the efficiency of your pool? Excessive bends and turns create friction inside the pipe, decrease flow, and make your pump work harder to accomplish the same task.